On August 9th, 2016, Snapchat released a yellowface filter, shown in the first image on the left in the slideshow. Due to the uproar of the public, Snapchat removed the filter in a day and proceeded to state that the filter was an "anime-inspired lens," and that "lenses are meant to be playful and never to offend" (The Guardian). Although it was not meant to offend, the filter does exactly that - it offends. This lens is another example of the blatant racism and offensive stereotypical caricature portrayal of Asians in the West. 

A mediated performance piece, Not Yellowface Just Anime Inspired addresses the racism of the filter as well as depicts the emotional state of mind when dealing with discriminations consistently with little signs of improvement. 

The installation of the mediated performance includes a 54 minute multi-channel video piece  projected on opposite walls of a intimate room painted black (96" x 125" x 96"). A one-person viewing piece, the space becomes a hostile environment where the viewer experiences the performer defacing a yellowface Snapchat filter image in a pained slow motion in one projection and the performer defacing the viewer/camera in the other. The installation engulfs the viewer in the performer's pain, anger, frustration and showcases the futility of this one woman working to destroy a stereotype bigger than herself.