The I Am Not Your Asian Fuck Toy series is a group of work that tackles the stereotype of fetishizing Asian women. In American and Western society, the Asian female has been boxed into a cliche of passive, obedient, submissive, and has been endlessly sexualized. Furthermore, the Asian fetish has embedded itself into American society so that it has become normalized, like terms such as "yellow fever." However as a consequence of these terms and actions being accepted, Asian fetishizing has now become normalized. By using the language that is surrounding this particular typecast,  I Am Not Your Asian Fuck Toy is confronting the audience of this ignorant one-sided view of the Asian woman and addressing the offensive nature of this accepted stereotype. 

Both part I & II create an environment to overwhelm, surround, and engulf whether it be through sheer size or through the sensory. 

Part II is a sound installation made up of a constructed room (125x54x96 inches) and the recorded voices of Asian women living in America repeatedly stating "I am not your Asian fuck toy." The voices are layered over and over and over so that only parts of the statement can be heard at certain points. In addition, the space is completely black, letting absolutely no light in, blinding the viewer. In this way, the auditory experience is pushed to the forefront. .