In the Western world, the act of kneeling is seen as a passive, submissive act. Yet in Eastern Asian cultures, the act of kneeling, although may be an act of submission, is more often a posture of respect. Moreover, in the Western hemisphere, if a young Asian woman kneels, it is thought to be an obedient often times sexual surrender to the Western male.

Through I Am Kneeling, a public projection, the power relationship between the Western and the Eastern is overturned as a young Asian woman kneeling while bowing her head down is easily twice the size of an average human being standing. Despite the fact that she is bowing her head, this is not a docile action as her sheer size allows her to stare down and make eye contact with her viewers. The performer no longer is a simple fetishized trope in this Anglo dominated society but a deity calling the larger public to address these Western flippant, narrow-minded misconceptions.